went to the 10th anniversary .
met jan , jk , feebs , jy , jh , mq , shah , sharmine & sakinah first .
went to the florist to get flower for kelly .
i got her a sunflower 🙂
sunshine !
saw a lot of the alumnus & some friends from the sch .
like so long nvr see them alrd .
all become chiobus & yandaos. jkjk .
saw RAVINator . & mr.lim
& of course our beloved VB KHENG PAPA !
ravin & mr.lim say i don’t look like the schooling time amirah .
& i look more tanned .
efforts from sports camp . BOOS~

hmms ,it was quite a bore .
but i thing the song performance is nt bad .
after the performance we took pictures .
alot sia .
i like .

walked to cwp to get some late dinner.
wanted to eat mac but it was packed alrd .
so we went to the pasar malam
get some snacks .
we gave up the tot of gg to admiralty
so the guys went back first .
the girls stayed a lil while & off to take last bus .

stayed up till like 4am in the morning .
part of it was because i was chatting with dearest illios !
miss them sia .
chris is so like thick skinned .
keep praising himself shuai !
& even in the contact list ,
he named himself chris shuai .
omg !

i love them 😀

w/ kheng papa !

loves ❤

ps: some of the pictures is in my lappy . will only upload if i got the time 😀


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