went gym early in the morning yestd w/joankia , ford , jeremy .
it’s a new 1 but the equipments are all the old ones .
& there’s quite a crowd at the gym.
then headed to the pool .
they wanted to swim so i just accompany them .

off to cwp for lunch
ruvyn came down .
& decided to catch a movie .
call janice down also .
watch semi-pro .
it wasn’t that nice also .

then vyn & jh went for a hair cut .
the rest went back first .
me and janice walked arnd the mall .
she got her cleanser & ahems .
after that we headed to kelly’s house .
her family was so nice larhs .
called pizza .
then we played w/makeup
so like …
after that jan came my house
& kel went her auntie’s house
which is just opp my house .
so near .

sleep like pig sia me .
really very tired .

ltr meeting them for the WRSS 10th Anniversary @rp
gotta a lil bit doll up since it’s quite a formal event .
im gonna put lotsa makeup to hide my unbalance skin colour .
ahahs , just kidding .
my face now so painful with the stupid sunburns !
& so black face sia .

gotta go now .
cheerios .


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