hi lovelies ~

im back from camp . omg ! i became so tanned larhs . everyday in the hot sun.
like sunburn alrd .now peeling of stage .
& to be honest , the camp is damn fun !
probably the best camp & camp fire i’ve ever had .
the ppl there like so crazy .
committee , GLs .
gosh ! power !
so i might consider gng for nxt year’s GLs selection .
can lead freshies 🙂

did a lot of activities .
played water games , dragon boating , preparing our camp fire performance , shouting cheers
played with paint , putting on our body & so on .
dragonboating really fun sia .
might consider joinin dragon boat . but nds alot of commitments cause it’s like sat & sun training .
so maybe just go fro the trial training .

the last night of the camp was awesome .
towards the end of the camp fire , they played some really music & like club inside the convention centre . so damn fun !so all of us just danced to the music like crazy & enjoy .

so my reflections for this camp :
the activities may seems really tiring but we really enjoyed ourself throughout .
met a lot of awesome ppl . crazy , very enthusiastic .
can see the grp really bonded . that’s very good . & we are also planning to have outings soon .


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