im at at home resting after the “war” from work yestd .
it’s was like terrible larhs .
there’s this guest which like shouted at us , tore the menu & threw it on the floor .
he kind of got very pissed off after waiting for his seat .
and said so many awful things to zac , my boss .
that’s really very hurtful .
still scold him bloody idiot & so on .

he thinks that everyone in the world is at his command .
just because we are working there .
hello ! im paid to work there but not paid to like get this inhumane treatment , okay ?
get the facts right .
this man just got uncontrollable & started to make a big fuss out of a molehill .
screaming in the public & the whole restaurant was quiet .
that’s like so not mature .
& it’s not a good role model for the kids .

but after that an incident really made me πŸ˜€
there was a birthday party for their child .
Dillion’s 1st birthday !
so i was their hostess and was incharge of the entire 23 pax .
that was my very first time and really was scary for me cause i was alone .
when they were abt to leave then they told me i really help them alot
& commented on my service .
hahas . i was flying up πŸ˜€

actually i have another party today but i kind of sprained my ankle .
so i didn’t go to work .
i think i was really sleepy yestd and miss the steps .
mummy put some ice .
& uncle came to help me like adjust back .
hahas . so much better now .
he’s always an expert .
hope it’s goes well and can report to work tml .


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