cabbed to work w/ray .
omg ! like so fast larhs .
shiok . saw some new merchandise coming in .
so nice larhs .
although is nice but more work for me .
hahas . it’s alright .

i hope the birthday parties will start soon
then i can be part of the party hostess .

we had some kids whose birthdays fall on the leap day .
there’s this boy by the name of ralston who celebrated the birthday.
when we gave him the small gift from us , i saw this very happy & contented smile on his face .
well , it’s his 2nd birthday .
& we had this girl by the name of carolyne .
the moment she came in , she was like so excited abt everything .
i mean it’s natural that they are excited cause they only get to celebrate once in 4 years .

the tree , leaves , wind .
trees & leaves has always been a perfect combination.
they are a life , supporting each other .
wind blows and brings leaves away from the trees .


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