im like so dead now .
omg !
as usual , work .
and vanessa / alex cam larhs .
hahas . damn happy .
they waited for me & went ikea tgt
for some delicious meatballs .!
yummy !
ahahs ,
i miss jess tan min min ! πŸ˜€

took bus home .
& i saw like2 really good lookin guys.
but omg ! they are like …
one was like standing in front of me & he has this long permed hair
it is nice to the eyes but like so bad to my nose .
his hair smells like what chicken rice .
& the other guy was like doing smth so not hygienic
omg !
that really doesn’t give me a gd impression .

i need a new hair colour .
some normal school girl .
which is black or dark brown .
im a bit sick and tired of the black hair growing


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