wth .
bias f-idiot .

today i finally experience why they always say chinese are always bias towards the boys .

he’s results is like f & he doesn’t give a damn abt it .
& when i get good results , what i get .
nth .
when i flunk , you like scold me till like …
gotback my o’lvl result & it was at least not bad .
and you went like ” why you nvr get 4/3 points like the girl on tv ?”
get this thing in your empty contents-brain .
we are different person .
i dont mind if you nvr recognize my efforts .
but please dont say words doesn’t goes through you brain .
only retards do that .

say he’s talented … that’s Ftrue .
doing illegal stuffs that you dunno , wasting like money on the stupid bicycles
makingit look like what ah-bengs’s bicycles .
&OHMYF-GOD that’s like god-damn “talented”
that’s like so great .

goona start poly soon and i need a lappy .
& me being kind enough to help look for alternative options , cheaper ones
and you ask me not to be fussy and stop bothering you .
when i say can try IT show cheaper , you say give me 1k buy lors .
& how abt the another 1 k ?
1k buy what ?
you think money drop from sky mehs .
that’s so damn naive given your age .
use brain larhs .
so what you wan me to do is buy 1 damn cheap normal com & me carrying to school everyday the cpu , keyboard , screen & re-connectiong the wires again .?
OHFGODDD ~ that’s gonna be so fashion shit .

you ask me to give my mp4 to him .
like whatF is that .
i don mind giving it to him but his attitude is KNS !
doesn’t even appreciate .
and that dumb mp4 is bought with my new year money .
of course the decision lies with me right ?
& what F-rights do you have to interfere ?

he says he wants to get a new hp line .
& you promised that if he passes his exams, you get 1 for him .
and still end with a ” dont worry ” from your foul mouth .
that’s so generous of you man~
omg ! he gets it so easily & i have to PLEAD with you although iM THE ONE PAYING FOR IT
wanted to get my own phone line w/my own money & i still offered to pay my own bills .
& im paying it ALL with my hard-earned money .
i just need your IC that’s all & what fcukyou say …
“what if you nvr pay yr bills & it’s like hundredsof dollars , im goona in big trouble .
don wan ! ask yr mum to do it for you .”
hello ! are you getting it correctly !?
he use his top-up card like free-flow .
1 mth maybe 3 card needed & nvr scold .
when i use mine for like 4 mths for 1 card ,
ask me to use for 6mths .
your screws must be very very loose .
& i have to say congrats to you if you sign for yr son .
cause the bill is like gonna be a few hundred a mth .

if you so more keen in saving your money and getting those materialistic stuffs for your beloved f-sons & not willing to spend money in your daughter’s education , why for get married .
just stay as monk larhs dumb .
& by the way you cant bring money in your grave .

& there’s this saying .
what goes around comes around .
you’ll get it , sooner or later …


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