today work was like fcuk .
the moment she came then she starts her normal ritual on those peak hours .
come in & bom bomp piang piang .
buey song say larhs.
dont show what fAttitude to us & influence our mood .
so lousy in your “32 ” element
( it means wayang = being plastic & fake )
* what we always have to do esp when the big bosses comes
still ask us to be like lively & you’re acting like a dead fish .
how a good example is that .
crap .
count myself lucky .
im only untill 2 pm .

felt like damn shit after work .
nd some movie but everyone was like working .
so shag !
nvm .
there’s always nxt time .
watch i not stupid 2 on tv .
& i was like crying when the chengcai dad died .
so sad .
& the scene where jerry stole money just to but 1 hour of his dad’s time .

and the famous orang utan , ah-meng died le .
so sad larhs & i was crying over it .
lol . felt so lame larhs .

well , i really don’t like departing scenes .
it’s terrible shit .

indyouhere , in my life . allovermymind


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