went bai nian just now .
not really bai nian lors .
only go gina house with weiling .
after that we went to cwp
& weilin went home .

went for movie treat & swensen .
watch Kungfu Dunk .
not too bad lors .
some parts are like funny sia .
& so charming when they had this fighting scene .
omg !

went back and saw darling .
so damn miss you can.
asked me whether wan go kad’s house .
i think perhaps nxt time bahs .
will look very weird sia if i go although i know all of them .
& go your hs also 😀
cause your daddy has been asking abt me .
hahas . no larhs . just joking 😀

my coughing is back again .
everytime when it comes to night , i’ll start coughing non-stop .

me & van .

you knw he’s like extremely lousy in his pronunciation .
but i still love him .

so sick & felt like dead corpse .
could do anything other then just sleeping .

sakae-ing with jan , gina , weiling , cliff

alex , i told you you’ll be here .
& you really look “cute”
all thanks to the photographer ! 😀

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