today working is like so boring .
so lil people .
& the mall is like empty !
it’s the first day of CNY you see .
sales was like -_- ”

i bet many of my friends are like hiding in their blanket to count their red packets .
so great .
daddy brought them the pasir ris to ride bicycles .
& i was left behind with no keys .
& the weather was like f.

did some spring cleaning at work .
managed to clean some things away .
but of course with the help of ray .
found this headband & asked alex to put it on .
& he seriously look dumb cause it’s a girls’
shall upload the pic tml .

but too bad alex & vanessa are leaving so soon.
alex is a very competent person , with a lil dash of humour although he doesnt seems to know .
& vanessa , i’ll miss crapping to you sia .
and dear jess ! when are you coming back to work sia !
melvin & clara ! come back & visit us okays .
i miss clara’s singing .

this few months have been like so programmed .
wake up & go to work .
then sleep .
feels like im missing a part of something in my life .
and of course that will be my beloved girls & you
did managed to meet up with them a few days back to have dinner tgt .
i wonder what will happen to us when we all go to diff polys & …
we might not even have ample time to meet up .
& it’s been long that i haven met up with darling arld .
i miss you sia !

i just hope everything goes well for everybody !


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