omg !
i like so damn nervous !
serious matter .
to be exact , we are alrd in the morning of wednesday
& to be specific , im getting my results tml !
oh gosh !
feel like breaking down .
i donno what’s gonna be my reaction .
doubt i can fall asleep .
this feels so shit man !

im not in the correct state of mind now.
not too sure of what im suppose to do now.
i just hope to see anything less then 12
& i’ll be very contented .
i just feel like crying .
this is even more stressful when you’re preparing for the exams .
you know you can put more effort during that time .
but now , there’s nothing that we can do now .
only sit & wait for hours/mins to pass by .

went to work like a zombie today .
felt so dead .
thanks for all the concern lovelies .


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