i reached home like 1 plus yestd & i have to wake up 6 in the morning today just to make it for the MGU training .
it was so sleepy sia .
i feel like my eyeballs are dropping out alrd .
saw martin & yen in 7-11 and treated me to breakfast . ( nice no.1)
then started the MGU .
luckily i had the help of fifi in opening .(nice no.2 )
if not it’s gonna be so dead .
james is nice to me .(nice no.3 )
he shared his drink with me just because i said that i miss drinkin the fruit blends .
he is funny larhs . doing those stupid actions .

i realise i had help from so many guardian angels today .
thanks angels .

im going crazy soon if this continues .
everything .
i feel so dumb now .
seriously .
this few days is like a torture to me .
shit .


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