hey darlings of all ~

i know i’ve not been a very good these few days .

and im gonna go mad at work soon .
been operated like a robot .
haven got my rest since i started work .
not even a day off .
& today was like hell for me .
there’s is damn guest .
make me so f-up .
don’t let me see her again .

i think today was really dumb for me .
me , cla wanted to get stocks to the storeroom .
and realize the lifts wasn’t working .
& so we decided to carry the boxes down .
and all thanks to the pathetic box , it suddenly tore
& all my stuffs inside fell out .
so dumb !
time was alrd 11 plus .
luckily i had dear jess’s help .
so we slowly place the stuffs back into another random box .
and we had to carry the the box down escalator .
really is dumb larhs .

i knw my friends are like saying im dumb .
working for a pay rate which is only 4 bucks .
it really sound dumb larhs .
but sometimes i really enjoy working there .
i love the “sui bian drink “
i love the mickey pizza although im getting sick & tired of it .
i love it when the kids do some really stupid stuffs & make you laugh .
& most importantly , i love the cast members there .
People like jessica , clara , melvin , angela , angeline , fifi , kazer .
they really are fun lorhs .
jessica always help me mix the “sui bian” drink .
clara always helpin me getting subway cookies everytime .
melvin always going “ji ben shang , XXXXX”
angela & angeline the “double AA sisters “
kazer always talking abt bringin ppl in his “white Proton Wira” to go to Johore to eat seafood in is m’sia accent .
& fifi always looks like an angel to me .
esp when she comes in to change shift w/me .
i felt that im being saved from all those numbers& money & merchandise piling in my head .

okay .
think im really gonna go sleep alrd .
i’ll see you tml here >
i hope so ~


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