had been very tiring these few days .


went back to school for training with the B’div girls .
so fun . so long nvr play le . feels very good to be sweating & playing the game i love .
after that , we went down all the way to Eunos for this stupid so called interview .
actually it’s like the network marketing larhs .
so there’s no certain pay . is depending on the no .of deals you do .
at first when we reach there , they explain to us the uses of the water system .
when we asked them abt the pay , they insisted on not telling us first .
then after listening to him talkin abt the water system which is 1 hr , then he told us the paying system .
all of us decided not to that job le .
then all of us were really hungry .
decided to take the bus the PlazaS .
then he still don’t give up even though we say we don’t want alrd .
took buy 7 to PlazaS .
& guess what …
it was raining & we had to cross the road .
so all of us ran in the rain .
damn hilarious . we were like shouting & shouting .
took the lift up to foodcourt .
outside the lifts , there’s mirrors mahs .
so we decided to take pic .
but the lift suddenly reach .then everyone in the lift was like looking at us .
all 8 of us ran out of the lifts & ran to the food court .
like hungry ghost .
we all ate the mini fish steamboat .
like so nice 😀
went back by train & all of us was really noisy .


when all of us was running to the foodcourt .

queue . FOOD ~



went to meet girls to get some snacks at cwp before going to ms.lim house .
we did “lucky draw” to decide who sleeps with who during the trip .
me , ying & sharon .
gina , fann , ms.lim .
janice , kahmei ,serene .
reached there & played ” The Game Of Life “
so fun . kahmei was the richest .
then we watch 28 weeks later tgt .
OMG ! so scary & bloody .
it’s abt draculas .
but we watch until half way then we left .
when back to cwp to meet Mr.Kheng .
he treat us to Seoul Garden .
me , kahmei & gina was sharing 1 table .
but i think our table is like the cleanest larhs .
we eat a lil then we full alrd .
funny hors >
after that we went to popular .
ying went to get her stuffs & we were browsing through the Guinness world record book .
so interesting .
the rest left while me , gina , ying , sharon went to the pasar malam .
got passport covers . i got myself a doraemon .

yestd night was really very terrible for me .
i accidentally drank overdued milk & i was like running to the toilet every 30 mins .
felt like shit man.

i feel so happy nowadays except some shit which happens at home .
been with girls almost everyday & throughout the day .
but except today .
really like no energy le after the runs .

❤ girls
& ..


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