HI !

hahas , had a fun day today .
out with jan today to look for some stuffs .

first stop was orchard .
went to takashimaya .
wanted to get some ice-cream but too expensive .
so we went back to have mcflury
looking for the shop jan wanted to go .

then headed to bugis .
shop arnd & bought 1 small sock for me fragile mp3 .
the colour’s nice , orange !
still got some time before meeting the cardigan person .
so we went to cold storage to get some sushi .
sat at the staircase & ate the sushi .
like so cheap larhs .
1 whole row of it only cost 3.00.
went to meet the dealer & got my cardigan .
so damn happy larhs .
finally got something that could hide my flabby arms from the public
i was so happy that i forgot that i’m meeting huimin .
met huimin to pass me the money .

after that we went to quee lan st to have some desserts .
nice leiis .
she had sesame /almond paste .
i had the mango with sago .
just nice . not so sweet , not too bland .
but 1 thing very unsightly was the waiteress didn’t shave her armpit hair .

camwhoring on the way back .
took pics at this very ULU ULU ALLEY .
we were like pretending that we were waiting for ppl
but actually our purpose was only to take pics .

then went back to admiralty &cwp
to get jan’s stuffs & our deodorants .


open the letterbox & received my shawl .
i think it’s quite comfortable
& oh yar , i bought an Oreo Hp strap .
it looks like real larhs .


one day im gonna go up on that hot air balloon

me& the hello kitty sushi

yeaps 😀

mango dessert 😀



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