i really hate flu you know .
it’s kind of tired carrying a box of tissue arnd the house
just to wipe away what comes out of it .
took the medicine alrd but it’s not taking any effect .
could it be that it had expired ?

i wanna go dye my hair .
getting so fed-up with my current colour .
think im gonna dye something real bright .
hmms , maybe not .
later ppl think im ah-lian

kind of bored .
played PSP & just fell asleep like that .
with my headphones on.

& i’ve just found something to play with .
it’s the water babies .
seed-like stuffs & just soak them in water and they will ‘give birth’
that’s what my lil brother told me .
naive huh ?
it’s so uber cute .
i keep taking it out to play on my hands .
looks transparent in the water .
OMG ! gonna continue playing with it .

paper ended last week & im still jobless
while some are/going to slog hard out there and bring $$ home .
im alrd spending before im working .
gracious ! hole in the pocket is getting bigger day by day .
i wanna get so much stuffs ( clothes pls ; my wardrobe is getting bare )
& save up for the trip to Sunway Lagoon w/girls & Genting .
( sunway trip-26th ; genting -not confirmed )
i’m looking forward !
going for interview tml .
so gotta wake up real early .
hope i can get the job .
all the best for me 😀

is your heart sold ?


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