now is 0107 am .
cant fall asleep .
i slept like a log larhs just now .
from 6 to like 9 plus .
woke up & wanted to play my PSP but like so great larhs .
my brother go play till no batt .
gotta charge it tml .

cleaned my room already .
my table used to be piled up with books larhs but SHOO~
IT’S ALL THROWN AWAY except Science .
i cant bear to throw it :p
the shelf was like stacked fully with papers & some unwanted stuffs .
now i still have 1 of the rows empty .
my bags was like dangling on the back of my door .
but now it’s all packed in a very big paper bag .
the drawers was filled with stupid stuffs & some doodlings which i love .
so managed to pack those doodles in a ziploc bag .
my nail polishes was like lying around in the corners of the room
so i got a small basket to put all those .
and after coming in contact with the dust , i got flu .
& i moved my bed to accommodate to the lamp i bought at IKEA .
just for the sake of the lamp !
OMG ! I LOVE THE COLOUR . red ! ! !


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