went to PlazaSing with girls yestd & ms.lim
me , ying , fann , gina , kahmei & ms.lim .
fann brought minmin along too .
so cute larhs . play games with her on the MRT .
hmms , went there to book the tickets from our Malaysia trip .
think we’ll be going on the 26th , 27th , 28th .
im so looking forward to it .
had lunch & decided to catch a movie .
The Bee Movie .
so nice .
but the remaining seats was the very front row .
so we decided to go to The Cathay .
It’s very miraculous when this very little bee creatures can come tgt
ying & gina went back first to study for POA .
then me , kahmei , fann , minmin & ms.lim went to J8.
they wanted to get bags .
went arnd & MRT-ed home .

& yarh , ms.lim wrote a letter to our parents to clarify the trip .
there’s this whole passage which was very touching .
I am very proud of these girls that had the resilience to train under difficult circumstances , the courage to fight top seeded teams and the determination in which they had displayed during the tough matches. It is great pleasure to know them , and to watch them grow into these fine girls . I’ve made a promise to bring them for a short trip ; for them to get together and enjoy a few moments that could become fond memories of a team they call their own during their secondary lives .

the last , my very little bees

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