hi beloved folks !

i DO miss you all okays ?

had a long day today .
went k-ing with buds & they accompany me to this stupid damn interview .
got there and they asked me to come back at 3.30 cause i think they were busy unpacking .
meanwhile , we went to arcade to play some games .
the shooting machine was fun.
then i went back .
that few people is not friendly at all !
asked them and they replied me RUBBISH !
in short , they were not even interested to even hire me so i left .
nvm , that’s not the only job in singapore .
went back to cwp .
& went around asking .
some gave me their head office’s no .
but i think that’s so much better .
so im gonna wake up early tml & call them .

hmms , had some class bbq at ECP which is far .
met up with hanisa , hakim , weinam
& all was late .
luckily i had some entertainment .
walked f far from the underpass to the pit .
& i think only 1 third of the class turned up .
like “derh>
ron cant make it last min
oh yarh , dear long lost KC TURNED UP
& his muffins was like OH GOSH , HEAVENLY FOOD .
REAL NICE … he should really go open a cafe .

mrs.whelan gave me & hanisa a trip home .
OMG ! mr.whelan’s driving is so like OMG !
im so thankful that i did put on the seat belt .
if not i may fly out of the seat .
his driving like 90km/h but he seems to be speeding on a race course
& just now , there was this car which blocked the way ,
he just went VOOMMM ~ & took over that car .
how scary can that be .
poor weinam & the rest had to take the cab home .

okay , tml is a normal day .
that means me dad won’t be arnd .
he’s like finding trouble larh .


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