on the way of recovery now .
better alrd but the moment it gets to night , i’ll start coughing again .
very bad coughs .

dunno what’s wrong with me today .
broke a conical flask during practical .
i wanted to reach for the tap & my hand just knocked onto the flask
then broke another test-tube .
heating the solid & we were suppose to let it cool to see what happens .
me being a smart-alex , wanted to fasten the process & put the test-tube under water .
& all of a sudden , it cracked .
the stupid gas hole & the lighter was playing a fool with me .
can’t seems to ignite .

got back most of my prelim papers .
such a disappointment .
i think i failed almost all
especially my chem & physics .

flunked physics very badly .
weird thing is i did study for it .
chem … drastic drop .
from a B4 to a E8 i guess .
kind of stupid . REALLY .

failed P1 but passed P2 .
quite miraculous .
overall , i still fail .
but i think there’s an improvement .

Social Studies:
hmms , got back only sect B /
got a 7/25 .
i predict it’s not gonna be any better for sect A.

these figure speak don’t they ?
I wonder why I’m in band 1 when my english is like crap .

Design & Technology:
passed the paper .
got a 84 for it .
i think this is the best score i’ve got among the subjects .
me myself was shock when Mr.Ravin told me .
but what’s the use of getting a A1 for DNT when you can’t pass english & maths ?

it’s really very annoying sometimes when you knew you put in effort for that particular subject . but you still flunk . It’s really not fair . & when you see that shitty kind of results , you feel really like …ARRGHHHS ! guess this world is never fair before & i think this is how the world works .

You reap what you sow ?

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