HI 🙂

hmms , had dnt paper just now .
i think it’s quite difficult larhs .
but nvm , it’s over alrd .

i did something really stupid just now ,
this morning , went to school & i realised that i was too early for school .
cause my paper starts at 12 .
but i went to meet them early in the morning too .
they have a-math & poa .
so they have to go to school as normal .
i called ron & she said that the paper only starts at 12 .
like WTH .
aiyah , it’s my fault larhs .
cause i didn’t go check again .
instead of going to ron’s decided to go home since i was only at the interchange .
reached home & saw my neighbour .
she asked & i told her the whole incident .
guess what , she was laughing her ass off .

got back , didn’t feel like sleeping so i on my com .
then went it was about 9 , i felt very sleepy but i didn’t sleep larhs .
i scared i will sleep overhead .
then went to meet ron , aleeve & fi .
reached school & realised that we were la bit late .
but there were more who was later than us .

went yoshi with girls for lunch .
acc fann to hallmarks & she went home first .
me , sharon , gina , kahmei went to cold storage .
hahas , played hide&seek in .
so like damn funny larhs .
split into 2 groups .
me & kahmei was the first pair of “catchers”.
the 2 of them was like hiding so tiredly
while me & kahmei went to buy yoghurt .and within a few mins , we found them .
they were looking in the other direction &they didn’t notice us .
so the scenario was funny .

went home after that .

bye my watermelons , apple , pears , oranges , honeydew .

sick , so am i !
kukoos .


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