oohhsss , im tired &exhausted .
just came back from a whole day of activities .
met ron for k-session first .
funfunfun .
saw a lot of our schoolmates @cwp .
i name this ” happy Wrss day “
kinda of no link . hahas .
went to 888 to get the stuffs for the bbq .
me , ron , weinam & aleeve .
then carry all the way to Mrs.Whelan house .
aleeve this fellow really cute larhs .
he brought us to the wrong block & he’s still very cinfident that that’s the block
cause he have a friend who stays there .
we went up to the wrong block & found the house .
we pressed the bell but no one came to the door .
so called teacher & we realised that we were at the wrong block .
but something very coincidence was that both houses have elephants statues outside .
prepared the kebab & played with the meiyun’s toy .
so fun but irritating .
went to fetch hanisah cause she prepared the fired beehoon .
many ppl was alrd downstairs when we reached downstairs .
got the food ,tables& stuffs down with everybody’s effort .
the guys played soccer & some girls prepared the balloons for the game .

the food was nice .
played games too .
fun fun fun /
we had to tie the balloons on our legs & we had to step on each others balloons .
i guess i was the first 1 to finish all the balloons .
hakim attacked from back and he step on 2 balloons at 1 go , leaving me with nothing .
played wacko too .
so cute larhs their reaction .
esp shaiful , hanisa , zhaoming .
ppl who lost for 3 times will have a forfeit .
hmms , maybe dance or sing infront of everybody .
watched the guys play soccer & we cam-whore there .
hehes .
then off to mac to chill for a while .
me , ron , aleeve , zhaoming .
ryan went back first & ron’s bf came .

went home .
& saw shengshiong .
chat for a while then he went to wait for his bus .

anyways , i had a fun day today .
but my leg is abit sourish now .
gtg .
bb .

你是δΈͺ ιͺ—子 ιͺ—子 ιͺ—子 ιͺ—子 ιͺ—子 ιͺ—子 ιͺ—子 ιͺ—子 ιͺ—子 。。
ζˆ‘δΈζ˜―δ½ ηš„ε‚»ε­


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