arhs, finally one thing off my to-do list .
that is to hand in my dnt folio .
mr.ravin was quite satisfied with my work i guess .
suddenly feel very lost lorhs .
all of a sudden , like nothing to do .
i know there’s many subjects to revise .
but dnt have been a part of my daily routine .
like something been missing .

bigbig rain just now which was like so fckn cold .
sian larhs . went to cwp with girls .
actually we wanted to watch movie .
the rat movie but like so ex larhs .
$8 , then we decided to go for a pizzahut .
yummies 🙂

was surfing the net just now .
saw some toys i really wanna get .
maybe end of the year ?
who knows ?

well , dad promised to get me this but it’s all lies .

tommorow might be a better day .


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