didn’t go to school today .
stayed at home to do my dnt .
i sat almost the whole day & now im still doing .
reason was i keep doing wrongly so i had to redo .
i think it’s gonna be a sleepless night today .
reachimg my evaluation .
midnight oil’s burning , feel it ?

these few days , this brat is staying at my house .
for some reason which i dunno why .
& he’s so in loved with my plush toy .
dunno why .
but it’s kind of cute larhs .
i mean i can threaten him by not lending him the toy if he never shut-up .
& he keep quiet and get noisy again .
playing with the pig , calling it ” oiink oiink “
hahas .
irritating cute fellow .

he’s ryan .
the same name with the guy who used to sit beside me
& same level of noisiness .
but the ryan in the picture is so much adorable larhs .

okay , more dnt .
no sleeps tonight .
boos ~
but have some stupid chem remedial before it .
i thought i could wake up later since i was in the second shift .
& there it goes .

CAOS ./:”

cupid’s love


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