i feel very pressurize , stress & frustrated now . family , studies , seems to weigh me down .the pressure’s also building up & time is getting lesser . and there seems to be alot of things for me to do . i feel like im being sandwiched by mum & dad larhs . my dad nags about my mum , say bad stuffs about my mum and so on . my mum pour her troubles on me , saying this & that and quarrel here & there . so it’s really stressful to be in-between & when you can’t do anything to salvage , you could only shutup . that’s the worse thing about it . my aunties & uncles are like brainwashing me on the courses to take when i enter a poly . i still dunno what should i take . i mean like… this job have good future prospects , good pay but it’s not my interest or somewhere i would really not want to venture in & there’s this job is really what i feel i like but there’s no future prospects , no good pay or maybe there’s alot of people fighting over this rice bowl . who says you could do anything in life that you like when there’s so much things to take in consideration .

girls , i know i’ve not been spending quality time with you all . it’s a waste larhs ,i mean like we’ve only few months to be tgt , then i cant come up with time to go study with you all cause i’ve my dnt to complete cause the deadline is just few days away . i know i could bring my dnt there but there’s not enough space for me there , so the spacious place is home . hope you all understand 🙂

i need a someone wipe away my tears , a shoulder to lean on .


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