physics lesson was funny yet scary .
funny was that when mr.yap was speaking very seriously , he suddenly went off-pitch .
the whole class was like laugh larhs & he’s laughing to .
after going off pitch , he walk towards the projector & almost got tripped over a cable .
lessons going on & suddenly the sec3 kenneth came in & sat beside farouq .
then everybody was like ” huh “
he’s daring larhs .
out of lessons , why chose physics & MR.YAP’S lesson sumore
but he was lucky la .
then after daryl went up to the board to write he answer , his reaction was like so funny .
opened his mouth real big & “huh”
it’s natural for his to get angry la .
the formula should be a= v-u / t
daryl wrote A = S/T
went through the practical papers .
i got a 10 for physics & 14 for chem .
total of 24 .
i tot i could do better for physics .
then in the end , my values was abit wrong so there it goes my 1 mark .
& i didn’t read the qn properly .
it stated 1 decimal place & i gave 2 decimal place .

finished school early today than the rest .
1.40 pm .
but we have the maths mock paper .
& our class have to wait till 2.45 .
so me , peanut & ronron decided to go mama shop cause ron wan buy titbits .
went back to school & wanted to eat .
so me & peanut packed lunch from the canteen & went back to classroom to eat .
both of us was startled .
we were thinking that there will be nobody inside .
surprisingly , almost the whole class was there .
so me & peanut looked weird with 2 lunch boxes .
then i found something funny in class .
everyone was doing their own stuffs .
there’s food corner , library , discussion room , music section & massage parlour .
it’s like a hub .

kays , gtg .
more dnt to go .

leaveitalone ,
it’ll grow .


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