yayaya , im back .

got back my chem test & english test marks .
i should be mourning and celebrate at the same time .
hmms , as usual …
failed my english .
got 8/25 , which is a F9 i think .
the moment i got back my paper , i msged Jan .
and she replied me this ,
: ” hahas . welcome to the 9s gang . “
the first question was like so stupid .
was something abt why the Americans feel proud abt the gold rush or something likthat
& the answer is some name of a song .
left me dumbfounded .
how in the hell would in know that’s its a name of a song .
derhs -_-“”
then later in the lesson , i came across this word in another passage which i didn’t understand .
so of course , i asked her .
and she tld me this “AMIRAH ,this is such a simple word . dear , there’s contextual clues there .”
& she gave me that look .
wth .
if i knew it , then i won’t ask isn’t it ?
since i don’t know , so i must clear my doubts right >
she’s annoying larhs but she can teach good english .
although my english is disastrous …
but i faired well for my chem test , the one abt speed of reaction
hahs , i also don’t know how i got into B1 for english .
okays , back to chem .
got a 20/ 25 for it which is a A1 .
omg ! so happy larhs .

watch “secret” with girls .
it was nice larhs .
so touching .
jay chou met this girl in the same school & they both fell in love .
but this girls was not from his years .
she was from the past .
one day , she happen to see this piano scores which labels ” secret “
she played the score & she went to 20 years after that day .
and saw jay .
but jay is the only one who could see her as he’s the first one she saw .
in class , jay pass a note to the girl to meet at some music classroom .
but the note was passed to another girl who admired jay .
he was playing the piano when suddenly they kissed .
jay thought that it was the girl he loved until the moment he opened his eyes .
some cleaner told him his love saw & ran .
that girl went back to the other room & played the piece again .
but this time she played in a faster tempo in order to go back .
she told her teacher abt her going to 20 years after .
every thought she had some mental problems .
on her graduation day , she remembered that jay promised to perform a piece for her .
she went back to 20 years after .
saw him & they hugged .
he told her to wait for him in the same room they always been to .
but she saw him wearing a bracelet that belong to the girl who kissed him .
so she assumed that they were already tgt .
sad & she went back 20 yrs again .
both of them sitting in the same classroom & seatbut was in a different time
jay sat there & suddenly he saw a scribbling .
she told him she loved him & asked him whether he loved him too .
by the time jay replied , it was too late .
she died form asthma attack .
went to look for her at her house & realized that she was already dead .
saw a picture of her & his father tgt .
took the photo & asked his father .
his father told him the truth .
then jay rushed back to the old building to play the piece so that he could go back to 20 years before .
but the building was abt to be demolised .
he risked his life to play the piece and he got back to 20 years before .
i think he was tgt with the girl he loved .
it’s a bit of solitude & touching .
ain’t the love story beautiful ?
there’s many very nice pieces too ..
so parts were funny larhs .
hmms , 4/5 for the movie .



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