burnng throat . SOS !!


hahas , so boring now .
hmms , went to fann house to mug with gina , kahmei , sharon .
brought lunch from macdonalds & went to her house .
after eating , went in to do hmwk .
then her sister came back & said that she have to feed the fishes .
then we all like so excited went out to see .
the fish is kind of stupid 🙂
swim only near to the surface of the water .
and the small fishes all below the tank .
how to eat ?

went in then did a few questions then they decided to play mahjong .
then i sit beside see lo since i dunno how to play .
like quite fun la but i still don’t understand some of the rules.
then decied to lie on her bed .
comfortable .
& my throat is like burning .
shits .
someone save me please .
i need some very powerful honey lemon strepstils
& maybe 1 whole bottle of PEI PA KOA !

WOAH , careful of it
it’s burning .
{ my throat .


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