in the past , i thought that home is the best shelter , the safest hideout from all the storms outside .
but it doesn’t seems that way to me now .
sometimes , when my friend tells me that they are going for dinner with their family , i envy them .
cause i never get to sit on the same table with them for a minute .
even if there was , that will be a thousand years ago .
how in the hell did the place i called “home” turned this way ?

i really love my mum , the greatest woman in my life .

she’s still going on despite the challenges she faced & the f***attitude she gets from my dad .
i really dunno what’s wrong with him .

to mom :
mum , i think you’re really great .
you take care of us with love . i’ll study hard not to let you down .
i know dad’s not treating you well nowadays , but hang on .
he’s using his sarcasms to attack us .
let’s not get affected by him , okay ?
love you .

i can’t let you see me cry . you’ll stumble & cry with me .
& i can’t bear to do so .

it’s called emotional abuse .
& that damn F-thing scarred my heart .

deprived the happiness that a child should have .


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