yes , it’s been quite a while i din’t blog .
been very busy nowadays .
trying to cope with school work .
there’s no school tml & we’re going sentosa .
hmms , im afraid of going canoeing .
what of the canoe flips in the middle of the sea ?
i know there’s the life jacket &
i’ve a phobia for the seas & there many incidents where youngster drown .
OMG ! that really make me feel scared .

me & famy was crapping tgt larhs .
i always call her 50 cents
&she calls me $1.00 .
then we’re like doing our intro in chinese larhs .
look like two complete retards .
hahas , cant really blame her cause i was the one who came up with this idea .
then the others was looking at us like ” what’s these 2 ppl doing ?”

english test was difficult .
it’s about the Gold rush thingy .
i think i will fail this test .

had physics remedial after school .
me& peanut was like copying our homework crazily !
cause he told us to complete it all by today.
in the end , he went through the practical paper which we did yestd .
i failed .
7/15 .

i suddenly feel like baking cakes , cookies , muffins !!!
it’s been a longtime le .

that’s why you’re part of my heart ,
still continues to beat along …


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