im so in agony now .
almost died from losing too much blood .
for a moment , i was mad like a KUKU .
i think the climax of my KUKU was during english class .
me & famy was like going crazy doing stupid stuffs .
actually i was the one who started first ,
but some how she got influenced by me
& next moment im feeling tired , speechless .
i guess i’ve finished all my energy .

hmms , Ms Ho took over our SS lesson as Mrs.Lim was going for a course .
me , peanut & sron was discussing over her bra thingy .
hahas , we did suspect that her boobs ..
i think i better not say it here .
quite sensitive .

i was roaming like a spirit around the workshop during dnt .
cause i’ve nothing to do alrd .
finally i had some thing to do .
that’s to help bengsuan to polish his material .
OHHS , I just love buffing the acrylic pieces .
there’s always a sense of satisfaction after seein the surface have become so smooth .

got back my maths mock paper .
DISGUSTING results .
it’s like 27/80 .
as usual , i failed .
& only 2 in our class passed .
well , they didn’t pass beautiful either .

okays , im tired now .
time to say goodbye readers .

my heart been stolen & im waiting for it to come back .
{ you’ve such a pirate nature .


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