school was boring .
nothing much happen .
went for maths remedial & dnt after school and went home at arnd 4 plus .
so tired .

erms , CME lesson was fun .
we use the postcards to form a structure .
the group with the highest structure wins .
hahas , that was really fun .
my group was the highest 7 of course we won !

our 7 floor building .
when the time is ending , our pyramid collapsed to only 4 floors
but we still won .

had the “speak good english movement ” in our school .
they held a contest for the pronunciation .
quite fun cause we’re learning through the whole process .

i just came back from buying the stuffs i need for my bbq .
those dry stuffs .
saw junxiang with his family there .
what a coincidence .

& i want thank huiqi& yegeng for the present .
so cute ! it’s a powerpuff girl blanket .
so sweet of her to get me a blanket .
she told me this could help me get rid of my morning flu .
normally , you would see me sneezing no matter how the weather is .

i love you baby
& if it’s quite all right , i need you baby
to warm the lonely night


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