after watching vacancy yestd , i made this terrible nightmare .
real bad !
& i fell asleep only at 3 plus in the morning .
WTH ! i was thinking that maybe i could have more sleep
cause we didn’t have to go to school so early today .
in the end , i only sleep for 3hours plus .

hmms , met them at admiralty just now & went to school tgt .
nothing particularly happened .
went for lunch with fann , gina , kahmei , sharon , jayda & weihai @ pizza hut .
& they say me the birthday song .
finish eating , went around for a while .
then me & sharon left first .
they wanted to go to night study .
sharon went back to take her books .
i didn’t go .
aunt told me maybe she’s coming to my house today .
but she she said she have no much work to do .

hahas , i think that’s all for today .

thank you for everyone who wished me happybirthday .
& thanks famy & aisha for chosing a nice present from the class šŸ™‚
& thanks girls !

another year have past & challenges awaits .


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