hmms , went to school today .
hmms , nothing happened much in school except CME lesson.
really very sad larhs .
it was Mr.Kheng’s lesson .
he shared his experiences with us .
then he said something concerning his leg .
i really felt very sad .
cause when he told us , what in my mind was
those times where we played& trained together .
it was really fun .
but he could no longer do that anymore .
the only sport he could do is swimming only .
but thank god he’s standing in front of us today but not lying somewhere .
okay , enough of this .

skipped english remedial and wnet to DNT
im dead .
Ms Gomez will like hunt for me tml .

went to catch a movie just now .
with jayda & weihai
watched Vancacy { NC 16
hahas , i almost cant got in .
the movie was not exactly a ghostly movie .
it’s about this very small town {that’s what they call
that will kill their visitors & record down the whole process .
more of killing .
i was petrified !
OMG ! me & jayda screamed .
and it’s only the 2 of us screaming .
hahas , it’s not too bad .
exciting , my heart was beating so fast just now .

okay’s , time now is 12.12 am
& that means im 16 already .

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to MIMIRAHRAH
Happy Birthday to ME !

it’s time to see world in a different perspective , {b


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