had dnt lesson this morning .
hmms , my circle shape wasn’t circle enough .
& because there’s too much pressure when drilling the shape out ,
there are cracks at the edges .
think im gonna redo it next week .
after the bending of my acrylic legs & the cover for the box and the circles ,
i cant finally hand in alrd .

i did my physics practical test this afternoon & it turn out to be quite ok .
not difficult larhs but im afraid of careless mistakes .
& i also did my maths mock exam .
OMG ! bad ! really bad .
im definitely going to flunk it .
i admit i was very noisy during the test cause teacher’s not around .
took the paper with sharonny , famy , becky , aisha .
so funny .

finished the test & saw girls playing volleyball at the court .
but i went back .
felt very tired .
went to cwp with sharonny to taste the latest donuts available in cwp .
Munchin Donuts .
it was quite nice larhs & OMG , it’s so sweet .
reached there & there was few flavours left .
shared the donuts with bros & mum .
they say it’s nice .

got home & did some homework .
& i realise that maybe a small chip of acrylic went into my finger .
OmG! but im now ” operating” on it .
hahas , trying to take the thingy out .
i think it’s now all taken out cause it doesn’t hurt so much anymore .

now im packing the clothes for tml .
hahas . RACIAL HARMONY !!!

fly flyfl y {/mi


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