our class had 2 periods of recess today .
me , peanut & sharonny shared food tgt .
OMG , the herbal egg was damn nice larhs ,
as this is the week of racial harmony , the parents sold different kinds of food .

went for lunch with girls @ kfc .
shared the meal with ying .
had my MT Listening Comprehension this afternoon
& the questions was quite manageable larhs
but some are quite tricky .
but nvm , it’s already over .

girls went for harry potter & i went home cause i din’t have enough $ .

reached home & the first thing was to on my computer
and watch brown sugar “machiato” , “why why love” .
the “brown sugar machiato” is more of a comedy .
it’s cast is 棒棒堂 & 黑涩会 。

watched Campus Superstar just now
& Xubin sang like …
shall not say about it .
the song that Fukuan sang was not bad .
& Shawn too ! THAT CUTE LITTLE BOY .
saw some of the schoolmates on tv too .

& good news !
i just changed my printer ink .
hahas , and now i can print my dnt stuffs .


this is how much i .


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