hahs , haven been blogging for 3 days arld .
went to ying’s chalet the day before yestd (friday night).
quite fun .
& there’s alot of people too . her cine friends & school friends .
like me , fann , jan , gina , kahmei , sharon , jayda , yiting ,kelly , serene , jialing , wenli , weiling .
clifford , ruvyn , junyong , junhao , joekia , maoquan , weihai , mervyn , richard , jeremy .

some went home first cause they cant stay overnight .

reached there
& some of them followed ying to get some stuffs that they still need .
and the rest stayed at the chalet .
we decided to have a bite and went around looking for finger-food .
and we landed in subway .
the food was not too bad and the cookies was really nice !

richard prepared the fire & the rest helping to assemble the foods & etc .
we wrapped the prawns & sweet potato in the aluminum foil .
but we forgot to wash it .
we have to break the potato into half & no matter how much force i applied ,
i still cant break the it .
jeremy just use a little force and the potato breaks .

after singing the birthday song , we played with water bombs .
SO FUN ! attacking here & there .
junyong & ruvyn got attack by us .
they stand there & we throw all the bombs at them .
and you can see the floor is super wet & plastic bags lying around .
because we were too noisy , & this angmoh came out and scold us .
” stupid chinese ! ‘ .
and we also got complained by the other visitors .
WTH ! & sharon scolded ” you stupid angmoh ! “
everyone one was agitated .
after that the chalet ppl was patrolling .
and they warned us if we receive anymore complains , will have to leave the place .

the guys bathe first .
we were sitting outside discussing about stuffs .
then the girls decided to go to the public toilet outside to bath .
so shiok larhs ! we were all so tired man .
bathe and got back to the chalet .

we played ” the ultimate no . “
and the loser will have to tie the hair up in different hairstyles .
hahas . so cute larhs esp kahmei .
really very cute . but too bad i don have the pictures .
if not i’ll definitely post it here .
almost all the girls lost except me & sharon .
well , we are lucky .

then ying’s friends wanted to sleep .
and there’s limited space .
so we decided to go to the beach .
when we reach there , saw the tide was SUPER LOW !
so we went to sit at the bbq pit .
played with the fire crackers and fann’s finger got burned .
hope she doing well .
played the guessing game .
while serene , wenli , jialing , mervyn was sitting at the water breaker .
so funny larhs cause the way they show the word was very comical .
we split into 3 groups .
yingting was the judge

  1. janice , ruvyn , junyong , junhao , clifford
  2. weihai , fann , kahmei , gina , kelly ,
  3. me , sharon , weiling , maoquan , joekia

gina’s grp WON !
& my group lost .
hahas . nevermind la . it’s good experience to be playing this games tgt .

played this game too .
we aren’t suppose to say ” me , you , we ” this three words .
the punishment was to go the tree and confess your love.
hahas . junyong and kelly said that word and was punished .
since there’s the two of them , we asked them to act like they are fighting over the tree .
so cute .
actually we wanted to watch the sunrise but it was too late
so we headed back .

jan , kel , yiting , wenli went back first .
and it’s surprising jan could stay till so late .
actually she wanted to cabbed home at around 3
cause he dad don allow her to stay overnight
but going home at 6 plus in the morning is close to thon , isn’t it ?
hahas , quite funny arhs .

went back to the room & there’s so many ppl there .
no place for us to sleep .
then we decided to leave lo
went to macdonalds and saw alot of people sleeping too .
sat down & bought our food .
i think we could even fall asleep while eating .
sat there till 8plus and went off to see whether pool have open yet anot .
cause the auntie at mac was like staring at us cause we took up a lot of space .
imagine la , 18 people there sleeping on the table .
waited outside pool cause it opens at 10 .
some slept while waiting , some played around .
finally when pool open alrd , me & kahmei cant go in cause we are not fully 16 yet .
dots . then i left with kahmei cause we didn’t know what time they finish playing .
so we cabbed home .
& on the way home , the uncle was telling me this & that .
but he seems concern larhs .
before i left , he still ask me go home take a bath & have a good sleep .

overall , chalet was not bad !

blowing the love away .


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