went to school today

we did this survey about the subject teachers
& my focus was on physics .
under the question
My teacher motivates me to learn / My teacher use creative teaching methods
the percentage of the 4Es & 5Ns are 63 % .
& Mr Siva says : ” you can try and approach your teachers & tell them what you think of it “
but please larh , you think Mr.Yap will accept it ?
i doubt so .
maybe you’ll get a scolding straight & he’ll open his eyes & stare at you .
& there was physics practical .
OMG ! it’s like so …
hmms , felt very nervous & scared under the situation that i faced larh .
cause Mr.Yap is like talking at the top of his voice .
& im going deaf any moment .

had Maths Mock exam after school .
we were combined with the 4E4 .
well , i just got to knew about it this morning .
cause i thought that it was held yesterday .
& i didn’t came to school yestd .
overall , the test was manageable but don’t have ample time to finish the questions
& the space for writing was a bit small for me .
ended at 5pm cause it started at 3pm & it’s a 2-hr paper !

went to cwp with girls to have dinner .
saw jiayuan with his botak head already .
to be honest , i think it suits him la .
went around cwp .
fann went home first cause it’s kind of late for her by the time she reach home .
we stood outside MJ discussing about the WWF thingy ,
the women wrestling competition .
walao , so violent but it’s a bit fake .
but never mind , it’s kind of interesting see them using those moves .
i remember when i was in primary school .
i often had sleep overs at my grandmom’s house
& i’ll definitely watch the WWF with my cousin .
but i’ll fall asleep soon after watching it for maybe like 10 mins ?
hahas .

& it’ll stay intact the way it is as time goes by .


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