now doing my physics hmwk cause we have to hand it in tml .
eekks ! never liked physics before esp Mr.Yap .

there’s people holding a wedding downstairs .
very noisy & loud . and i think they played with the honks of the car too .
i was doing my homework & like cursing them in my heart .
os : ” shut the honks up please ! the residents here need a moment of peace & im struggling over my physics homework “
& imagine many cars playing it together .
erm , are they trying to form an orchestra out of it ?

gina called earlier on .
asked me whether i wanted to go to fann house for study session .
i didn’t go .
but actually i did feel like going
cause it’s like been a long time i’ve been out with them studying together .
& it’s only 97 days to O’lvl .
i was so lazy to & my ez-link card is empty .
mum will sure nag at me if i ask her to help me top my card up .
& my saving is left aside ( although not much)
for ying’s birthday present and some daily expenses
guess what , i was even so lazy to even step out of the house
& buy dinner .

tml is monday & that means there’s school tml .
how i wished i could skip PE this week cause PE is also boring .
& Mr.Yang is leaving already .
he’s such a nice PE teacher .
gong-gong type . ι˜Ώε‘† type .
and the rest of our PE teachers are like ..
erms , i cant find a word to describe them .

remember me mentioning about the red lamp mummy brought from Ikea ?
it’s still sitting there as an ornament .
cant really find a spot to place it .
so now is currently beside my monitor .

next thing im gonna do is get my butt off the seat
& rush my dnt again !
sighs .

& it’s my cute-little-pirate cousin’s birthday today !

remove the barrier we put on ourselves
& you see us moving further .


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