as very usual , went to school for dnt .
Mr.Ravin is still not back .
WTH ! getting fed-up with this already .
such a coincidence that me , gina , sharon woke up late .
so we met a bit later .

today was not smooth sailing for me .
faced a lot of problems .
doing the wrong stuffs , wrong measurement & many more…
i almost went berserk .
but luckily it was solved before i went back .

went to cwp with gina to meet ying .
accompanied ying for lunch & went to buy some camp stuffs .
saw shahreen& friends .
his friends went home & he met us .
& i met my mum at cwp to pass me money
cause i wanted to buy the jacket .
& went to sweet talk to treat ying a bubble tea .
i was happily talking with them & i didn’t realise that it was my turn .
the auntie did the drink & pass to me .
me , being stupid enough , didn’t grip the cup tight & it dropped .
so i had to buy another cup .
and so in total , i spent $3 on “1” cup of bubble tea .
heart pain .
then went to popular to hunt for some stuffs .
we were so noisy in there .
& we were teaching shahreen how to talk chinese .
using those kiddo learning stuffs .
ahahs , out laughter was VERY loud .

got home , bath & went out again to get something from kelly .
i didn’t get to rest my leg .
so tiring
got home & started packing the camp stuffs
& till now ,im still not done with it yet .
so im gonna go pack my bag now .

& PLEASE whoever who sees my blog ,
please help me feed my virtual pet .

Domo Arigato 🙂

&good bye for now
and please also remember to MISS ME 😀
so i’ll see you again a couple of days later

beloves ,


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