HELLO human beings !
ahahs , it’s now 0141 am & im still awake after a whole day of activities .
which really tire me .
DNT in the morning & in hte afternoon followed by night training .
not many people came to the workshop .
mine went on quite smoothly .
it’s just the weather making a fool of me
it was raining in the morning & when we were just about to leave ,
the sun was out very brightly .
i cant finish the coat of my wood piece cause i need sunlight to dry it .
& when we were just about to leave , i stopped raining & the sun was so bright .
wth !
went to cwp for lunch with gina , sharon , jayda , weihai .
we had plenty of time before the next dnt session .
about 2.5 hours .
went back to school & apply the coating to the wood
and it was partially disastrous .
so the teacher taught me another way
& it turned out not too bad .
went to cwp again to met ying , fann , kahmei
& went back to school for night training .
me , ying , gina , sharon , kahmei , serene , janice , jayda , fann .
did you notice jogina is missing from the list ?
she’s been very busy with church stuffs so she cant come
hmms , quite nervous when playing with the opponents .
cause they really are good !
in the first place i didn’t dare because im afraid that i would implicate the team .
& they still encourage me to go play .

went for supper with girls at cwp /
just like last friday night
we had a FEAST !!!
mini BUFFET !
bought instant noddles & some stuffs pasar malam .
shared around the food .
me ,ying , janice , gina , sharon , qianwen .
chatted for awhile but i think we covered quite a few things .
like life after marriage , some relationship matters , family matters .
great time with the girls
& how i wish the night wouldn’t grow older .
let time freeze .

so when you come back around
after painting the towns ,
you’ll see im almost over you .
that’s so impossible .


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