HELLO friends !
not been blogging for quite a few days .
recently busy with school stuffs .
DNT & there’s night training tml !
& next week is our VOLLEYBALL CAMP !


went to school for dnt .
hmms , quite a number of people .
did something really stupid today .
i wanted to form a hexagon (the one with 6 side )
& i told teacher to cut 45deg angle .
after cutting ,
i realised one real stupid thing .
it did not form a hexagon after joining
but instead , it was a square !
i went CRAZY !
how stupid could i be ?!
(ahas , im this stupid … errs , sometimes , perhaps , probably ?)
s’ron & gina went home cause i had to stay back & salvage my workpiece .
Mr.Wahab help me cut the wood again at 35deg
& it was successful !

ahahas . today isn’t a good day for me .
First thing in the morning , i had the runs before stepping out of the house .
went to dnt & i made such a stupid mistake .
& now , im having blisters on my tongue & some reddish spots on legs .
could this be something bad happening

ahahs .
goodbyes !


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