hello 🙂
haven’t been blogging for the past few days since Monday .
it was really a busy week for me .
Monday was VERY BUSY !!!
hmms , after the intensives , i still had to stay at school for intensive & i had to rush home to bath and meet the girls .
we went down to Mediacorp to support Xubin .
the supporters of CHIJ Toa Payoh are like so arrogant .
she diao at us lehs .
then dennis they all came .
wow , it’s like a big big gang .
scary !
got into the theatre and there was really many people .
Xubin have many supporters too .
he was eliminated .
well , it was expected .
But he did improved .
Hope to see him more charged up in the revival rounds .

as for today , it was tiring .
had lessons today till 1250 .
maths make me so mad .
not because of the sums but because of ryan .
he really made me very angry !!!
i don’t understand the question so i asked him what does it means .
& he told me ” hello ! this is simple english AMIRAH !!!
wahkao . i got so fed-up & said “can’t i don understand !!??? FUCK !
then ignored him & didn’t want to talk to him .
but later on he apologized to me .
i think if he still doesn’t change his attitude , i might take a knife and chase after him .
went for physics lesson at the lab .
Mr Yap is like so fierce !
WTH !!! shouting & shouting&shouting .
making a big fuss outta everything small .
dnt was kind of not bad for me .
i sprayed the tube too near & the paint was thick
everybody was laughing at my work .
enghui still say it’s ugly !
not completely my fault .
the paint was like “finished “
& the teacher still gave me .
then i had to remove all the paint w/ Thinner .
& my hand was dirtied with the yellow paint .
i went around telling people that i have a disease
it’s called ” right hand become yellow disease
& i almost got beaten by them.

hahhs ,
gtg now .
bye friends !


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