hmms , school today was kind of boring la .
last day of MT intensive already .
Mrs Ngoh treat us to this mini-icecream
&she says , ” must get distinction hors !!! “
then we were like ” aiyah , lets all spit out the ice-cream .
todays lesson was quite relax cause she didn’t want us to get stressed up .
did the NE quiz after recess .
very fun .
you answer the questions and then you can earn points to build the buildings
eg . changi airport
& i only got senior builder .
nvm larhs .

then went to the library for MT .
some unhappy incident happen .
that girl was like arrogant larhs .
jinxiang was talking to vincent & teacher scolded vincent .
so i told teacher not vincent’s fault , is jinxiang who 引导 (influence) him .
& that girl who was sitting at the side turned around and say
“不是这样用的“ (it’s not supposed to use it this way )
& in her very china accent and ARROGANT tone
& that look in her eyes that tells me ” ohs , you’re so lousy ? “
wahkao !!!
so what if you can speak chinese in a china accent
& english is a very american accent ?
what the big fcuk about that ?
useless having all that when you are like so arrogant .
ego !
luckily it’s almost the end of chinese class
&i don’t have to see that face of you .
i bet you can see how angry &pissed off iam now


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