well , i din’t managed to take a nice afternoon nap today .
watched tv .
ohs , im like so PATHETIC .
it’s like 7 days to the CHINESE O’s & i still can yaya yaya waste my time away .
erms , i din’t exactly waste away my time .
i cooked !!!
i had to fix my own dinner
& cause mum din’t cook .
at first , i thought it is gonna turn out disastrous
but to my surprise , i still think it’s not too bad .
maybe , i’ll give myself a B4 .
it’s considered good for a DNT student to be doing those kitchen stuffs .

the ready-to-be-put-in-the-boiling water stuff .
actually , i also dunno what the hell im cooking

dead mashed prawns

does this looks like BUDDHA’S hands ?

in process !



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