hi people .
just got home from school
& the sun outside is currently is very hot .
HOT !!!

school was fine today .
the weather in the morning was so cool larhs .
when we were just about to sing the national anthem ,
the clouds was movin very fast .
& suddenly the bright sky became very dark .
everybody was so excited about it .
it’s so windy 🙂

today was the start of the intensive .
hmms , quite okays larhs .
just a bit sleepy BUT i still managed to stay awake .
ain’t i great ? (:
wahahahas ! >_<

buddies went for practical .
so i have to go home alone .
actually wanted to go home with with janice but they are going to ying’s house for mahjong session .
then waited for the bus to come with shahreen .
hahs , he was good enough to accompany me while waiting for the bus .
🙂 thanks .

on my way home , i saw this advertisement .

fear , doubt . excuses .
that mountain isn’t the only thing you conquer .

朋友, 情人 , 家人 ,也只不过是你在你在这个生活中的过客 。

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