hi everybody .
was quite a tiring day today .
went to school for CIP cause i din’t went for the CIP that time .
overall was quite fun larhs .
the sec2 people went to collect things from around the neighbourhood .
&we were in charge to unload the things from the lorry .
quite interesting .
some people gave away things which were really very cute .
the toys was cute .
junyong found a yellow safety helmet .
shahreen found a mini-wooden guitar & starts playing the guitar as though he’s a superstar .
me &shafiq found a record .
those very old kind . the big big circular disc .
in the end , he gave it to me .
so thanks ! πŸ™‚
we had to throw the paper in this really huge container .hahs .
then everybody was like so enthusiastic
happily throwing the papers inside .
i almost “killed” someone with that .

played murderer while waiting for the lorry &our turn to unload .
very fun cause there was many people playing .
me , fann , ying , sharon , kelly , serene , tingxi , shahreen , shafiq , sharmine , hanafi .
& shahreen INSISTED that i was the murderer . DERHS ~
after playing that we were really bored &tired/
so we sat down rest . then shahreen & friends had really nothing to do .
&started building “resorts” & ” jacuzzi “
really very lame ! but very cute .
we played with the worms too .
hahas . found something green dangling from the tree & it was a worm .
everybody were like SUAKU-ING there .

making fun of me !!!
he told me to be mentally prepared cause his teaching me .
actually im also not too sure about that .

then went to ying house .
me , serene , ying , junhao , junyong .
well , i didn’t know to play so i sat down i watched tv .
i was really tired cause i slept very late & luckily fann called me this morning .
if not i think im gonna sleep through .
the aircon was cooling & the sofa was comfy
& so i fell asleep .
then when home .

got home & felt boring .
so i went downstairs shopping
hahs . bought ice-cream , canned chicken soup , spaghetti & cup noodles .

im gonna chiong the θ½¬θ§’ι‡εˆ°ηˆ± .
hope i can finish it before the start of intensive


this was the resort thingy mentioned early on .


shahreen cam-whoring with my phone .

i miss you

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