hmms , quite a tiring day today .
but also boring too . most of it was like slacking .
had TAF & we did the staircase thingy . tired .
then PE & i did my 5 items .
failed my standing broad jump & inclined pull-up .
maths was in between CME & SEL
WE WERE almost slacking .
we did the indices questions which was so easy that you don’t even need to crack your brain .
chemistry was also kinda of slacking .
Mrs Whelan came to school but she did not turn up for lesson .
she only came in for a while to allocate work for us & do in a group.
did chem paper 2006 .
quite difficult larhs . we were cracking our heads .
Mr Yang wanted to help us but he also cant recall .
he said ” give me 3 years time &i’ll be able to tell you all .”

went for brownie treat with buddies { gina&fann
at delifrance .
so nice larhs de brownie . make me fly so high into the sky .

went home & mum told me that grandma was sick
and no one is around to look after her cause aunt was at work .
so i went back to take care of her lo.
&now i just got back .
hope that she will get well soon /


love is such a peculiar thing .
sometimes it make you feel that you are feets above the ground
sometimes it make you feel like as though
a sharp knife piercing through your heart .
you’ll always feel the pain no matter how long was it before

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