ON 05.05.2007.

hi people
got back my maths P2 , chinese paper & english paper /
failed my maths P2 32/100 !!!
Disastrous but it was expected .
hmms , passed my chinese & got a B4 { only combine P1 & P2
failed english P2 & got 22/50
disappointed . i thought i could at least get a pass .
šŸ˜¦ bboos ~
passed my dnt too .
but did not get back the papers .
i think im gonna get back geog , ss , phy & chem paper tomorrow .
i asked Ms Wong whether i failed my geography & she said yes !
but she told me it’s a borderline . maybe bahs .
SS ? haiz , i doubt i passed .
phy & chem ?
aiyoh ! headache .
many people did not do well for this MYE .
not only for my class , but other classes too .

had lunch with girls in school ,
then they went to the hall play volleyball .
Mr.Kheng was there too .
chatted about a lot of stuffs .
those laughter&enjoyable moments we had set me thinking .
i was thinking how it’s gonna be when we graduate .
haiz . me &ying din’nt play .

watching them playing was enjoyable .
there’s so much things i will miss .
but like what janice said ” everything good have to come to an end “
that’s very true .
it’s just one thing about us


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