ON 14.05.2007

bad day for me i think .
hmms , i failed my maths P1 .
22/80 . well , it was expected .
so it’s not a surprise for me .
hmms , i doubt i will get a pass in P2 .
well, today most of the lessons are like slacking .
“motivational” talk by Mdm.Timah .
had combined humanities class just now .
it was so not motivational AT ALL
basically she was ignored &we carried on with our private conversations .
SS lesson , hahs , i was all the way talking with aliffy &hanies .
hahhas . about movies & food & PSP !
only during physics &maths we had proper lessons
during physics , Mr.Yap SCREAMED at us man !!!
wow ! my ear-drums almost blasted , i mean BURST !
he compared us with the 5NAs .
we all know the 5NAs certainly have so much potential than 4e5 .
{to dear 5NAs schoolmates: this is not trying to be sarcastic , its a compliment 🙂
he scolded us as though we did not even study & never put in effort .
(maybe that’s true for some of the cases larhs )
but does he really need to get so f***ed up by this ?
i mean it’s natural to get frustrating over this …
but is there a need to do things to this extent ?
cant he like take the softer approach ?
like Mrs.Whelan ?
well , she’s not fierce like him , but we still managed to listen to her lessons .
yes , she does “spoon-feed” us too much sometimes .
but i think everybody in the class benefited from the whole “spoon-feeding” process .
bad or good .
so i made a joke with sharonny just now .
Mr Yap is like ” deterrence”
using his ” RRRAAARRGHSS ! “
{you know what i meant ? 😛
Mrs.Whelan is like ” bilateral “
peace-type …although she really got f***ed up with us sometimes .
hmms , i think 4e5 is more of a “bilateral” class .

i dunno what is the hell is blogger doing now !
my blog is STILL having problems like posting , the template ,
even after i have did a new blog .
shits larhs .
this few post recently look decent but i cant even edit the colors or the font &everything !
&now i cant even go into my template to edit .
so shitty !!!!!!!

to ryan :
hey dude , don’t be angry or frustrated over that incident larhs .
i think its just a waste of time thinking of this stuffs .
i know it’s difficult for you to just let go but
COME’ON !this year is like o’levels .
why don’t you channel that extra energy into your studies ?
it’s more worth it but i know you always say ” aiyah ! i study last min also can de ?”
but see how you did for this mye ?


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